Tips 'n Trix about Hotel Booking

On this page we have tried to list some basic rules and advices how to make the best out of your booking. We also explain how you can save money during your Thailand trip.

Good to keep in mind regarding your booking

  • We do not charge you any booking fees or similar for the booking.
  • Tax is included in all prices.
  • After having sent the booking enquiry, you will get the reservation details and confirmation of availability by mail.
  • You can send as many booking enquiries as you like to different hotels, it cost you nothing.
  • The total cost and payment procedure and cancellation policy will be included in the reservation details.
  • Please do not forget to provide your correct and active e-mail address in order to receive the reply quickly.
  • In the case of different time zones, weekends, and public holidays, the reply may be delayed.
  • Please do not provide your credit card details by e-mails or from insecure Websites.
  • During the peak season, the status of bookings is changed daily and it may sometimes cause inconvenience in getting the room. We apologies in advance for your kind understanding if it is the case. However, in those cases it is possible we will provide you with a similar alternative.
  • Upon receiving the deposit payment, you will be receiving the payment receipt by e-mail. After the total amount of booking is paid, you will be receiving the hotel voucher in order to present at the reception counter upon check-in

  • Avalibility during High- and Peak season!

    have you ever heard the question: Do I have to book in advance? Of course you have, and you've probably heard different answers on it. The avalibility depends mostly on three things:

  • What season are you going there (high, peak or low season)
  • Is this a high- or lowstandard hotel (low = below 3 stars)
  • Is this a popular and crowded area (e.g. phuket in high season)

  • A general fact is that it is much more likely that you'll find accommodation directly by searching in the area at low standard hotels. Then we are talking about very low standard, often called guesthouses and with a simple fan, only cold water and shared shower and toilets (if there is any shower). If you are looking for medium standard (3 stars) and above you should definitive book in advance. If you are visiting the area during peak season (e.g. phuket in dec-jan) you must book 1-2 months in advance. A summary to this question would be: If you want a "3 star" hotel (or above) you should book in advance during high season. If you need accommodation during peak season you must always book in advance, no matter what!

    Book online - save money!

    If you know where to stay or if you're afraid of ending up with no accommodation, you should definitely book your hotel in advance online. Not seldom, the prices differs up to 40% and it is always 10-50% cheaper to book online with us. The reason is because we generate a lots of bookings each month which will give us a great discount on every hotels that belongs to our booking organisation. This will make a good benefit for those who book thailand hotels through our booking engine.

    Book your hotel also during your trip!

    Around 30% of all our confirmed hotel bookings are made from people who actually travels around in Thailand. They are already in the area and knows that it will be much cheaper to walk into the internet café and make the reservation rather than walking up to the hotels front desk asking for avalible rooms. The reason for this is already explained in the item above.

    Buy a flight ticket instead of charter!

    15 years ago it was only business men and backpackers that travelled with a flight ticket and separate hotel bookings. The only alternative for families was "charter". Today, charter traffic have decreased rapidly and more and more people discovers the benefits of buying a single flight ticket. Especially to asia and Thailand this is absolutely the best way of doing it. Not so many wants to see the same view every morning when staying at the same hotel for two weeks. The advantages are many, be free and save money at the same time. From our experiences, the most common things to do is to not stay longer than 4 days at the same hotel. Then it's time to move on and see other things

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