Will I get any receipt or hotel voucher?

Yes, upon receiving the deposit payment, you will be receiving the payment receipt by e-mail. After the total amount of booking is paid, you will receive the hotel voucher in order to present at the reception counter upon check-in.

When will my booking be guaranteed and secured?

As soon as you have paid the deposit, your booking is "locked" to you, which means that noone else can have it. How much and when to pay the deposit, will be explained in the email you'll get after sending the booking enquiry. After the total amount of booking is paid, your booking is guaranteed and fully secured. When to pay this is also specified in the email.

What about the payment procedure? Is it safe?

Yes, it is as safe as it can be. First of all, you'll never send your creditcard number to anyone accept the bank itself, Bank of Ayudhya, which is one of the major banks in asia. You will get a direct link to an encrypted SSL connection directly to the bank. Here you will enter your booking number and make the payment. Unfortunately many other booking organisation handles your credit card number personally and sometimes also directly to the hotels, this is a very hazardious way of working and this is absolutely NOT the case here. Your safety is one of our major concerns.

What if I have to cancel my booking?

All matters regarding booking cancelations or changements of check-in dates shall be sent directly to our headoffice in thailand on any of the email adresses listed here (dont forget to declare your booking number): mail@r24.org or samui@web.co.th

Can I get transfer from the airport to the Hotel?

Of course we will help you with this. Many Hotels have this service, sometimes it's written in the hostel description. You can specify this wish when sending the booking enquiry. You'll be notified how and when to pay this. Often you pay a small fee directly to the hotel personal. But in most cases it is free of charge, it's a matter of the hotels policy

Why should I book accommodation in advance with you?

There is many advantages to book with us in advance, not only before your trip, also during your trip:
1. You'll guarantee your accommodation. Many hostels gets full quickly, depending on how popular they are and what time you want to visit the place.
2. It's always cheaper (often between 20-50%) to book directly online through our booking engine. We can keep low prices because of our size, which of course will be a great benefit for you.
3. And of course, it is always nice to do the things you want on your holiday/trip, better than running around searching for avaliable and affordable hotels.
4. Since it only takes a minute to book a hotel through our booking engine it's also a good alternaty to book your upcomming accomdoation whilest you are travelling, e.g. from internet cafées.

Is it possible to pay in another way than with Credit Card?

Yes, paypal and bank trasaction will also work

Can I make my reservation through mail or phone?

No, the booking service engine only allows reservations online. This is one way of keeping the prices on a low level. Please notice that we Always answer your questions from our mail support within 12 hours. And you will also get a personal contact for your booking.

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