How to Pick up a Girl in a Hotel

The hotel is a magical place. There are different languages everywhere, in the corridors you constantly come across unusual and charismatic characters, and the staff of most hotels treats you as if you were some king. Of course, there are hotels where you can feel part of the most despised social stratum, but we recommend avoiding such places.

The hotel has a special place - a bar. People come there to have fun, to be sad, to celebrate holidays, just get drunk, fight or find a new love or check major red flags in a relationship. Or sex. Or all this kind of entertainment together. If you read this article, then you have such a goal. Well, we will gladly help you to spend time in the hotel bar with benefit. Enjoy!

Scenario 1. She’s sitting in the bar alone with a sad look

So, it is a late night or earlier morning. There are almost no visitors in the bar ... except for a lonely beauty, with an ideal hairstyle and a languid look. She looks at the interior of the bar with a bored look and accidentally sees you coming into the bar at this very moment. It seems to you that her eyes fixed on you for a second, and then she turned away. The bartender looked with a pointed glance at you first, then at her. Do not forget to assiduously wipe the wine glass, of course. What actions will you take? In fact, everything is obvious. Sit near her and order yourself a drink. Do not show anything that your knees are shaking and you have that very feeling at the bottom of your belly. Take a sip of your cocktail and notice that the interior of the bar could be better. Even if you do not think so, say it anyway. The main thing is to start a conversation. She needs it. Otherwise, she would simply order alcohol in the room and drink to the sound and video accompaniment from Netflix. She needs a company, a conversation, or maybe something else. Give her this.

Scenario 2. Situation is the same, but the girl is reading a novel.

Read the author's name on the cover of the book. Or the title of the novel. Have you read it? Then as soon as possible come up with some short, but burning and witty review of this book. Or think up the same scandalous opinion about the author. The more sharp and unusual your words will be, the better it is. There are two options for the development of this scenario. First, she will agree with you, close the book and you will have a conversation. Secondly, she'll think you're an idiot. That's all.

Scenario 3. She’s not alone. She’s with her female friends.

Most guys just give up when they see the coveted woman surrounded by female friends. They have such a carnivorous appearance. It seems they've already come up with a couple of punches about your appearance and an insulting joke about your intellectual abilities. Calm down, bro. All this nonsense is the intrigues of your consciousness, which is ready to go to anything, just not to get into a stressful situation. But you came to this bar to leave it with one of these beauties. So, your first steps: confidently go to the bar and sit right next to the girls. Order a cocktail. While the barman is preparing an order, look at the girls, just not like maniacs do. Remember about politeness. Find something common between you and them. For example, all girls have obviously artificial tits. Is not it an ideal topic for discussion? Say that you are a plastic surgeon and you are pleased to see a quality work done. This is an absolute weapon.

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